Dunlap International, Inc. receives presidential award for export successes

Receiving the President's E Award

Pictured from left to right: Penny Pritzker, United State Secretary of Commerce; Karen Dunlap, President and General Manager, Dunlap International; Deb Caw, Export Coordinator/Document Specialist and Arun Kumar, Assistant Secretary of Commerce.

It is with great joy that we say “Thank you” to our customers for their loyal service to Dunlap International. In May Deb Caw and I were honored to accept the Presidential E Award for Export Service on behalf of Dunlap International in a special ceremony in Washington D.C. The President’s “E” Award was created by Executive Order of President John F. Kennedy to afford suitable recognition to persons, firms, or organizations which contribute significantly in the effort to increase United States exports.

Dunlap International currently exports to 70 counties.  Over the past 25 years we have served more than 500 clients in multiple states. During the past four years, our export transactions increased by 53%! This enables us to sustain jobs and even expand our workforce. We couldn’t have done this without the trust and confidence of you, our customer.

eStar_logoIn 1961, President Kennedy signed an executive order reviving the World War II “E” symbol of excellence to honor and provide recognition to America’s exporters. On May 18, 2015, Secretary Pritzker honored 45 U.S. companies with the President’s “E” Award for their outstanding work to reduce barriers to foreign markets and to open the door to more trade around the world.

American companies are nominated for “E” Awards through the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service office network, located within the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. Record years of successive export growth and an applicant’s demonstration of an innovative international marketing plan that led to the increase in exports is a significant factor in selecting the overall winners.


With our deepest gratitude,

The Dunlap International, Inc. Team

Karen Dunlap, President and General Manager

Renee Otto, International Trade Specialist

Deb Caw, Export Coordinator/Document Specialist


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On January 1, 2011 Incoterms® 2010 Rules, the new International Chamber of Commerce rules for the use of domestic and international trade terms, will enter into force. Incoterms® 2010 Rules are designed to govern the sales/purchases of tangible, portable goods in a business to business contract.  Internet delivery (electronic software transfers), real estate, and retail sales will not be covered by these rules.  Every rule was modified in this latest revision, reflecting ongoing changes in trade practices and security issues.  It is not possible to itemize all the changes in a short article like this, so following is a brief summary of the high points of the changes.

Come back soon as we will continue our discussion about Incoterms® 2010.

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               We would like to begin with Incoterms® 2010 and your company

With the myriad of instant communications options available today, the business world in which we work just keeps shrinking and moving faster every day.  But one area of the international marketplace that changes more slowly is the body of rules that governs the use of domestic and international trade terms — Incoterms®.  On January 1, 2011, the rules developed by the International Chamber of Commerce during the year 2010 went into effect.

What Incoterms® 2010 rule(s) are you applying to your international transactions?  Ever wonder if a different rule would be more appropriate to your transactions?  Have you added new sales and customer service people to your staff that is unfamiliar with Incoterms® 2010?

Dunlap International is here to help you navigate these rules and choose the most appropriate ones for your international contracts and sales.  We offer individualized training to fit your company’s needs – whether one-on-one, small group seminars, or company-wide presentations.  Contact us to discuss the training options available to you.

               Visit often and see what we’re discussing at Dunlap International, Inc. 

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We are glad you stopped by, and hope you can easily find what you’re looking for.  We’ve added a “Contact Us” segment to this website so you can quickly drop us a note.  Of course, Karen, Deb, and Renée are still available by phone and email so if you have further questions, or want to provide comment, feel free to use any of the four (4) methods to communicate with us.  Or stop by our office at 26 North 4th Street, Central City for a personal visit.  Regardless of the method of communication you choose, we will appreciate hearing from you!